If you are ready for or seriously considering retirement now, there are some important decisions to make. Choices that you make today may have consequences for decades to come thus it is well worth the time and effort needed to put in place a well thought out retirement plan. The REST provides you with educational content, a powerful analytics tool that allows you to compare alternative retirement income strategies (if age 55 or older), and some tips on how to put a retirement plan in place.

To start the education process please click on the education link below. If you prefer, you can go directly to the analyzer or implementation pages. It is not necessary to proceed in any order though many users find it useful to go through the education, analyzer, and implementation sections in order.

The REST has been created by Mark Shemtob, a consulting actuary and independent Certified Financial Planner. Mark is not affiliated with any insurance company or financial institution. The Implementation section provides an option to contact us with questions regarding using the REST.

The REST Analyzer has primary been designed for those that are near or recently retired (using their retirement savings or exploring Social Security options), However there is valuable information in the Education and Implementation sections of the REST for all individuals.

Please note that the REST does not analyze your living expenses


Below are links to 15 short education modules. It is recommended that you go through them in order as this will make the use of the Analyzer more helpful. However, in the future you can always refresh your memory on a specific topic by returning to this Education Home Page and selecting the specific topic. Please click the play button to begin. Once you have completed a module you can select a sub topic from the tabs to review again, or select the NEXT tab at the bottom right to move to the next module.